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We are a one-of-a-kind web development & software agency offering complete peace of mind.

Forget Technology Exists

With Laraworks

We'll make you an offer, you can't refuse


As part of the build process and our aftercare plan, you can request as many changes to your site/software as you wish at no extra cost. Simply, put it on your wishlist and we'll take over.




Request any changes you wish, whether it's a new blog, third-party integration, or simply a small tweak to your site. No time tracking either, simply request it and we'll progress each month.


Choose your own aftercare price & cancel any time you wish. 




Get a quote, and divide it by 12 (months). The first two are your deposit, and the rest are your fixed monthly payments.

With our pricing model, you can afford a much larger project upfront.



Pricing Model

Your very own, personal engineer at hand to look after your site/software, give you improvement ideas, and answer any questions you may have.




We are the creators of:


UK's largest provider of mystery shopping for clients such as Starbucks, Asda, Aldi

An innovative recruitment agency that turned all of their manual data entry into automated processes with Laraworks

Worl-wide manufacturer of hand made, highly realistic model trees, flowers, bushes & more.

We are a 100% engineers-run agency. No more sales people promising the impossible. 


And you get to save a few quid too

@ Laraworks we try to take as much IT hassle off your hands as possible. From content entry to SEO ideas. 

You won't even need to login to your own website to manage it. Simply, we got your back.

Have an existing website?


Transfer to us for a small fee and get a month of free unlimited requests to get you started.

You're probably


  • How much does a website cost with you?
    The smallest site we've built was £1000 using a professional template. Of course we dont take an easy route of using Wix or WordPress. Even the smallest sites are built using our in-house platform and are all bespoke, ready for future expansion
  • I have manual processes that take ages, can you help?
    Software engineering is our bread and butter. We'll turn all of your manual processed into as automated solution as possible. It's also cheaper than you may think. The cheapest software we've built so far costed £6000 and saved our client over 800h of manual labor yearly. Our client's software costed less than they spend on manual labour each year.
  • How do "Unlimited Requests" work?
    You'll have a todo list, any request related to your website you can think of - you put it there and we'll take over. There are 3 ways to get unlimited requests: 1. Brand new project with us (we split the cost of your project into fixed monthly payments). As soon as your project is finished, you enjoy unlimited requests till your last fixed monthly payment. 2. Aftercare - Choose your own aftercare price, starting at £50 pcm 3. Transfer your existing site to us and enjoy 1 month of unlimited requests on us.
  • How much does aftercare cost?
    Choose your own price, starting at £50 pcm, increments of £50. I.e. £50/£100/£150/£200... No contracts too - stop at any time. We charge £100 p/h (VAT included) Every £100 gets you an hour of our time every month. Case study: One of our clients pays £100 pcm and has never logged in to his website, all the content updates are done by us. We also evaluate his website, propose improvement ideas & visit once a week to make sure it all works fine
  • What type of Unlimited Requests can I make?
    Anything related to changes of your website or software. You can forget your website exists and email us new content to upload, or be picky and change button colours every day, or research some SEO tricks for us to implement - whatever you need really. Please mind though that all requests land on your to-do list and may not be completed right away, so prioritise it wisely. In case you need an emergency change, we'll do our best to complete asap, if your dedicated engineer is not available, we might pull in extra resource thus deducting more from your aftercare time / incurring extra charge
  • What are the benefits of having dedicated engineer?
    Think of it as your own employee that you can hire/fire at any time. Your engineer will look after you, know your site and your business, be your guy for all tech related stuff. Here's a list of some of the things our engineers do for our clients: - Alert & prepare for Google changes ahead of time. I.e. the recent change to GA4 - all of our clients had it implemented shortly after the change was announced - Update content - Update products if eCommerce - Research SEO and provide improvement ideas to try and get you to rank higher - Visit your site every week and ocasionally send emails via contact form to ensure you never miss a customer - Often evaluate your site speed and search for improvement opportunities - Research competition - Check the behaviour of your website visitors and adjust design to maximise conversion - Design and send newsletters - Write content - Source images - Help with lead generation (to an extent, we're not sales people but have few tricks you can try)
  • Explain the simple pricing model
    We split the cost of projects into affordable, fixed monthly payments so that you can afford larger project upfront. Other web design agencies put quite a strain on your budget, most request 50% desposit and 50% after project is done. While its ok for some, it's quite an expense, twice! for others. We'd rather have you pay much smaller, fixed monthly installment and invest your money into growing your business each month, instead of worrying about massive bills coming up. How do we split the project's cost? Depending on project size. Anyting below £6k is split into 2-6 fixed monthly payments Anything over £6k is split into 6-12 fixed monthly payments Let's look at some examples and see for yourself that you can afford much larger project upfront! A project of value £6000 Split into 6 (months) - £1000 Deposit - 2 (months) - £2000 4 Monthly payments of £1000 A project of value: £12,000 Split to 12 (months) - £1000 Deposit - 2 (months) £2000 10 Monthly payments of £1000 A project of value £24,000 Split to 12 (months) - £2000 Deposit - 2 (months) £4000 10 Monthly payments of £2000 A project of value £48,000 Split into 12 (months) - £4000 Deposit - 2 (months) - £8000 10 Monthly payments of £4000 Formula: (Project cost / 12 ) = Result (Deposit = Result x 2) (10 x Result pcm)
  • Why are we the best choice for you?
    We're not saying we are. We like to be absolutely transparent, if we believe that another web design agency will be a better fit, we won't hesitate to say so, we'll even do some research with you to find the best fit. But. We do however, specialise in complex bespoke websites, eCommerce and software. This is our bread and butter, this is what we're passionate about and we're surely unmatched when it comes to customer care. Our ideal clients are those who understand the value of online presence, care for it and have plans for expansion. We will be with you on every step of the way, help you grow and ensure that you don't have to worry about technical detail no more. Spend your time on something you do best - running your busines Aditionally. Laraworks is and will always be 100% engineers-only thus passing all the savings onto you. Paying for 10 hours of work, will get you 10 hours of work, period. Our engineers are one of the best out there, each having at least 15 years of experience, you know you're in the right hands. We even built our own in-house platform that has all the goodies from other solutions such as WordPress or Shopify, and lacks all of disadvantages of those solutions.

Drop us a line.

No obligation, no spam, no persuasive salesmen

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